About Us

Unisource is growing independent Consulting Technology Outsourcing Company.

Unisource is an end-to-end IT Solutions Company and Offering Consulting Technologies and Outsourcing services for its customers.

Our goals are to help you reach your business targets faster and to raise your competitiveness. Our team acts as a single point of contact to make your daily business activities look more proficient.

We have more than 100 highly skilled consultants and domain experts. We are committed to excellence in our services and work towards delivering high quality IT services to our customers.

Ours is an independent consulting firm has excellent, high quality, committed service for every client. One of the major challenges facing any growing organization is bringing all its diverse functions into perfect sync with each other.Competition in the market is opportunity to progress and to modify our business strategy. The competition always keeps us awake and a thrust force for us to progress.

The Unisource technical team has excellent technical skills with good communication and trained regularly to keep their skills and knowledge updated. We work with our customers to understand exactly how we can add the greatest value to their businesses. We offer placement services for the professional. Our aim is to focus on the specific expertise of individuals and connecting them with private and public organizations to fulfill their needs.

Matching the right talent with the right organization is a vital service we are proud to provide. As an Outsourcing company, we offer our clients a number of choiches when selecting our services.

Vision & Mission

• Our vision is with Individuals and Organizations inspired and brought together resulting with an outcome, which is mutually beneficial.
• Our Services Allows greater control of cost in term of staffing.
• Our Mission is to supply quality temporary and permanent staff in both skilled and semi-skilled professions.
• Our Strategy is growing demand for both flexibility and skills on the part of the workforce. In relation to our operating business , this results in our two distinct approaches to the market.